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'Russians have infected millions of devices for digital attack'

Apr 18, 2018 - General

Reports have appeared in various media about the American and British security services that warn Russian state hackers trying to break into network equipment. The described methods of attack are not new and do not use unknown vulnerabilities. For more information see NCSC reporting. In order to mitigate the risk of infection, at least the advice is to install recent patches and to check network equipment for "erroneous" configurations to prevent possible attacks.

At the moment, Axians is actively monitoring the information about this in the media and at our manufacturers in order to further inventory the risks and determine mitigating actions. Updates and advice from the suppliers will be placed on this portal as usual. If there is a need for support from Axians on your side, you can contact the Support Department or Client Manager. We will then make a plan with you for the steps to be taken and the necessary resources.